More Players Should Be Outraged with Astros Cheating Scandal

More Players Should be Outraged with Astros

On this edition of The Jason Smith Show, Jason and Mike Harmon dig into the reason more players aren't publicly outraged over the sign stealing scandal from the Astros. Jason says this is a very big deal, using sophisticated system in order to gain an advantage, and more players should be absolutely outraged. Plus, Jason says when the Patriots were caught with spy-gate, we heard multiple people and teams come out against the Patriots. Jason says because no one is coming out against the Astros, people around the league are doing something similar and are worried about getting caught. Jason continues to say it may not be to the extent of the Astros with banging trash cans or using buzzers, but there are multiple teams out there doing their own form of cheating as he's heard from current reporters, and that is a major reason why there aren't nearly enough current players publicly upset with the Astros.

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