Colin Cowherd Fills Out His Entire 2020 NBA Playoffs Bracket

Watch Colin Cowherd fill out his entire NBA postseason bracket from the first round all the way to the championship as Colin predicts who is going to win the 2020 NBA Finals.

In the East:

Will the Bucks finally win the Eastern Conference and put all Giannis leaving rumors to bed?

Can the Raptors win multiple series without alpha scorer Kawhi Leonard?

Can the Celtics’ budding youth movement transform Boston from great to elite?

Are the Heat realistic contenders or imposter pretenders?

Can the Sixers, arguably the league’s best team on paper, live up to their billing?

Can the Pacers, Nets, and Magic win a single game in their respective series?

In the West:

Can the Lakers overcome their old age in potentially lengthy series versus the Rockets, Clippers, and Bucks?

Can the Clippers beat the Lakers in a seven-game series in what could be the most highly anticipated series of the decade?

Can the Nuggets, known as regular season dominators, actually challenge the Lakers or Clippers?

Can the Rockets finally reach the NBA Finals with no Golden State dynasty in their path?

Can the Jazz win a single series?

Can the Thunder and Grizzlies, two of the league’s Cinderellas, even play close postseason games against the top seeds?

Can Luka Doncic single-handedly will the Mavericks to the second round?

Check out Colin’s FULL predictions above.

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