Colin Cowherd: Joe Burrow's Small Hands Are a Big Deal

Colin Cowherd: "They measured Joe Burrow’s hands and they’re SMALL. Joe Burrow is laughing about it. Why do you think they test this stuff?? Patrick Mahomes came out and supported him because his hands are slightly smaller than average, but Mahomes has the BEST ARM ON THE PLANET. That overcomes lots of shortcomings. It's remarkable to me when we dismiss stuff that matters -- arm, maturity, Wonderlic, hand size, productivity, coachability, the interview process -- it ALL matters. Burrow was a remarkable 'STORY' and is a 'good' prospect, but not a SPECIAL prospect. I don't like him making fun of the hands stuff, it's a little cocky and a little too much for me. Cincinnati is a cold, wet, and windy area. It would be different if he were playing in a dome behind a great offensive line, but he's going to be playing with a bad offensive line in a cold, wet, and windy division. Hand size doesn't matter when gripping the ball??" (Full Video at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why Joe Burrow’s now-controversial hand measurements, which had the likely no. 1 overall pick in the crosshairs of many detractors who questioned Burrow’s small paws, is a BIG deal.

Despite NFL superstars like Patrick Mahomes coming to Burrow’s defense on Twitter, saying his hand measurements were questioned as well when he was coming out in 2017, Colin points out that Mahomes has one of the best arms in NFL history and is the type of talent who could overcome the shortcomings of small hands.

However, Colin doesn’t believe Burrow has the raw skills to be able to overcome an inferior grip, not only because he thinks Burrow is just a ‘good’ but not a ‘great’ prospect with an ‘average’ arm, but also because Burrow will most likely be playing for the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC North Division, which boasts four franchises that all play outdoors in arguably the four worst weather stadiums in the league.

Check out the video below as Colin details why Burrow’s small hands are another one of the reasons he’s never bought into Burrow being a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback in the NFL.

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