Colin Cowherd: Toronto Raptors Are the 'Fools Gold' Team of the NBA

Colin Cowherd: “The Toronto Raptors can win a playoff series but this team is FOOLS GOLD. They play hard and they are well-coached, but they don’t hit a lot of three’s and they can be streaky offensively. They have length and experience, they play defense, and Fred Van Vleet is wonderful, but this is a regular season story.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the Toronto Raptors are the NBA’s most glaring example of ‘Fools Gold’, as the team who many had already written off as a crater after the exits of Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green, has shockingly remained among the league’s most elite teams.

The Raptors were naturally left for dead after the NBA Finals hero Kawhi bolted to Los Angeles, which was only further rubbed in by the respected veteran Green heading towards the west coast as well a couple weeks later.

That one-two combination was supposed to knock the franchise out cold, and leave them scrambling to position themselves in the lottery, but former NBA D-League Coach of the Year Nick Nurse has kept the team at the top of the standings, with a roster who saw role players like Pascal Siakam and Fred Van Vleet transform into two of the best players in the conference.

Cowherd, however, doesn’t see how a team like the Raptors can excel in the postseason, when teams desperately not only look for their All-Star caliber players to perform on the biggest stage, but when teams desperately look for their HALL OF FAME caliber stars to win them games late and push them deeper into the playoffs.

Check out the video above as Colin doesn’t see that Kawhi type ‘alpha’ on that Raptors team, who he simply called a ‘regular season story’.

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