Dave Roberts On The Reaction To The Astros, Joc, & Acquisition Of Betts

dave roberts

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts joins The Dan Patrick Show to discuss the 2020 season, Astros, Joc Pederson, & the acquisition of Mookie Betts:

Dave Roberts on the Astros:

I think that people are sounding off within our organization. All guys are talking about is getting ready for the season.

If he sensed anything in 2017:

No. Just a really evenly matched ball club and very talented.

On Joc Pederson's future:

Joc Pederson is in a great place. To be honest with you, people made more of it as far as his mental frame and where he was at. He couldn't be more excited to be back with us and help this team with baseball games.

Listen to the conversation below!

Photo: Getty Images

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