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Colin Cowherd: Russell Wilson Has Completely Lost His Mojo

Colin Cowherd: “The Russell Wilson/Sean Payton relationship, WE GOT TURBULENCE and it’s not in the air. Clearly the coaching is better [than last year] because on scripted plays they scored more points yesterday than they did all last year, that’s not the issue. Russell Wilson on scripted plays is completing 85% of his throws with four touchdowns and no picks, and a passer rating among some of the league’s best. That’s ‘scripted plays’, but in the second half that’s where great quarterbacks thrive—the Mahomes, the Bradys, the Mannings, FORMERLY Russell Wilson. You have to make a play, it’s off-script, there’s adjustments by the opposing defense, and he falls off a cliff in the second half. Fifty-six percent completion percentage [in second halves this season], 69 passer rating, one touchdown in two games, and it was a hail Mary. You pay quarterbacks $40-50$ million a year for the second half. Lot of guys are good in the first half, Kirk Cousins on a one o’clock window in the first half is great. There's only so much Sean Payton can do. Go back to a couple years ago in Seattle, Russell Wilson was a magician in the second half. Go back to 2017, his fourth quarter numbers – 19 TDs and one pick. He was ‘fourth-quarter Russ’, he was a playmaker, he was smarter than everybody, he was more efficient, he was more elusive. [Now] there’s no mojo, it’s GONE. Once he’s off-script it’s trouble.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the Denver Broncos' 0-2 start and explain why he’s worried that Russell Wilson may have lost the ‘mojo’ that at one point made him one of the best quarterbacks in the league, saying there’s only so much Sean Payton can do to save a flatlining Broncos offense.  

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