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Deshaun Watson's Hollow Apology is a Day Late and a Dollar Short

Deshaun Watson: “I'm truly sorry to all the women that I've impacted in this situation. My decisions that I made in my life that put me in this position, I would definitely like to have back. I want to continue to move forward and grow and learn and show that I am a true person of character. I want to keep pushing forward."

Doug Gottlieb: “What do you think this does, if anything, to his appeal?”

Dan Beyer: “It does absolutely nothing. It is a day late and a dollar short. Everything is settled, there’s what -- one case that is still out there? The evidence has been put in, the arguments have been put out on both sides, NOW he shows remorse??…. Because he’s got nothing to lose? Another thing I didn’t like about it – the Browns are playing at 7:00 eastern time, it’s 6:40 eastern time, and they put it on the website 20 minutes before kickoff, and say ‘He’s now remorseful, on to football! Let’s focus on the game!’ That’s the sense that I got. It was tone-deaf. It was like, 'now let’s talk about what the Browns’ record is going to be again!' Twenty minutes before kickoff??”

Gottlieb: “The timing of it is very odd.”

Jason Stewart: “My first reaction was that he really didn’t explain what he’s ‘truly sorry’ for. When he says ‘all the women that have been impacted’, he didn’t necessarily say the women that accused him of this, it could have been his sister, his mother, or any women’s Browns fans that have been impacted by this. He wasn’t specific at all, which to me kind of rang hollow. Not only was it a day late and a dollar short, it wasn’t even a great apology. There was nothing specific there. This guy said six weeks ago that he had 'no regrets' about anything he had ever done with the accusers. He’s completely denied everything. How do you go from complete denial and no regrets, to ‘I’m truly sorry’ within a matter of six weeks? Because you now know that the punishment is coming and you’re trying to do as much as possible to mitigate that, and it comes off that way. I don’t know who was sold by that.”

Listen to Doug Gottlieb, Dan Beyer, and Jason Stewart discuss Deshaun Watson finally offering up an apology for his plagued saga that has seen him hit by 24 civil lawsuits for sexual assault and sexual misconduct.

Check out the segment above as the crew of The Doug Gottlieb Show calls out Watson for the cringe-worthy timing of the apology, coming just 20 minutes before Watson was to play in Cleveland’s first preseason game, and the ‘hollow’ tone of the apology that really didn’t explain anything he was sorry or regretful for.

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