The Cowboys Should Use Franchise Tag in Order to Evaluate Dak Prescott

As far as a long-term contract goes, Clay Travis is still not sold on Dak Prescott. In the biggest game of the day, the Eagles beat the Cowboys 17-9 on Sunday and are in position to win the NFC East. Clay says there are two huge issues in Dallas and brings in the crew to discuss.

Who do the Cowboys hire as their next head coach and how much money do you give to star QB Dak Prescott?

Danny G. raises another issue, which is WR Amari Cooper and his contract situation. Although spectacular at times, Cooper has led the league in dropped passes since 2015 and was accused by Rodney Harrison on Sunday Night Football of coming up small in big games (4 catches for 24 yards on Sunday.) Does Clay think Amari Cooper deserves a big payday? If so, then who is to blame on the offensive side of the ball for the struggles in Dallas?

Clay says that even though Dak Prescott wouldn't like it, the Cowboys should franchise tag him, that way they have another full season to find out if he's the answer.

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Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

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