Six Kids Hurt After Startled Camel Goes Wild At Pittsburgh Circus


Six children and one adult were injured after a camel became spooked and started to run through a crowd of people at the Shrine Circus being held in Pittsburgh. Video captured the moment the camel started running from its ring with a woman strapped into a harness on its back. The animal started bucking wildly as the woman was tossed around in the harness. 

"They were giving camel rides, and camels were walking around calmly," Ruthie Kester told KDKA-TV. "And then a kid threw a shovel at the camel's feet, which startled the camel and it started to buck." 

The camel ran from the center ring toward a group of horses. The horses remained calm while people fled toward the seats as the camel ran past them. 

Workers managed to corral the animal and helped the woman down. She did not appear to be seriously injured and was seen walking away after the incident. One child suffered a broken arm, while five kids and one adult were treated at a local hospital for minor injuries. None of the animals were injured and the circus resumed as scheduled. 


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