Man Puts Toddler Inside Game Machine So She Could Steal Prizes


Police in New Hampshire are looking for a father who put his toddler inside of a prize machine so she could help him steal the items inside. The Salem Police Department released a video showing the man standing by the machine with his son while his daughter was inside pulling prizes out. The family made out like bandits, snagging a Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo DS before leaving.

Hannah Forese, who works as a hostess at a Red Robin restaurant across from the BarBerCut Lite machine, heard about what was going on from customers and called mall security. 

“Two people came in and I heard them say, ‘That’s so unsafe.’ So I went outside and all I saw was the toddler’s head peeping out of the front of the machine,” Forese told the Union Leader.

By the time mall security had arrived, the man had left with his children and the stolen prizes. Police have asked the public to help identify the man, who was described as a bearded Hispanic male between 20 and 30 years old who was "wearing a black Sig Sauer baseball cap, a blue T-shirt and black shorts, with an Under Armour belt."


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