Former Police Cadet Accused Of Blackmailing Co-Worker With Lewd Photos

Jimmy Kassis

A former Louisiana State Police cadet was taken into custody for allegedly attempting to blackmail a co-worker at the United States Army. A warrant was issued for 26-year-old Jimmy Kassis on August 6th but he managed to flee the state before he could be arrested. He was caught by police in Michigan and extradited back to Louisiana where he is facing charges of nonconsensual disclosure of a private image.

Authorities said that Kassis sent a nude photo of his unidentified co-worker to a general in the U.S. Army and was planning to send it to another company that the victim worked for. He was fired by the Army following the incident and then attempted to join the Louisiana State Police a few months later. 

State police spokesman Seargent Jared L. Sandifer said Kassis was removed from the police academy as soon as they were notified about the blackmail attempt by the Army. 

Photo: Louisiana State Police


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