Rochester Open Now Guide

Phase One

In developing these plans, businesses will need to consider three main factors.

The first factor is protections for employees and customers. These include possible adjustments to workplace hours and shift design as necessary to reduce density in the workplace; enacting social distancing protocols, and restricting non-essential travel for employees.

The second is changes to the physical workspace, including requiring all employees and customers to wear masks if in frequent close contact with others and implementing strict cleaning and sanitation standards.

The last factor for businesses to consider is implementing processes that meet our changing public health obligations, like screening individuals when they enter the workplace, or reporting confirmed positives to customers. While these processes will vary from business to business, almost everyone will have to adapt, in some way or another, to our new normal.

The State has created and deployed the New York Forward Reopening Advisory Board, to help guide the state’s reopening strategy and develop industry specific safety guidelines, and regions should consider them a resource throughout this process. The advisory board is chaired by former Secretaries to the Governor Steve Cohen and Bill Mulrow and includes over 100 business, community, and civic leaders from industries across the state.

Here is a running list of businesses that have re-opened for you to check out!

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