The Campus Insiders & College Football News Insider, tells Daybreak that the Buckeyes are still in a good position despite the injury to their star.

Pete Fiutak: "What happens to Ohio State is that they're just not as good obviously and it might throw for a loop the National Title and BIG Ten picture... (Braxton Miller) is the 2-Time reigning BIG Ten Player of the Year. However, they're still Ohio State and the schedule just isn't that hard. It's not like they're playing in the SEC or anything like that... So even with a healthy Braxton Miller, they probably lose at Michigan State... But they're still good enough to probably go 11-1. Their schedule is favorable so they should be able to win just because they're Ohio State... At Maryland is probably the toughest game they have until November 8th - until they have to deal with Michigan State."

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Photo: Getty Images