Andy and Mike caught up with Pro Football NFL Insider, Mike Florio this morning. Mike talked about the first week in Cleveland for Johnny Manziel and says Offensive Coordinator, Kyle Shanahan may not be happy about the selection.

Mike Florio: "No. I don't think (Kyle Shanahan) is... I think this was an Owner's pick. And the Browns will be very adamant when they say that Jimmy Haslam had no role in influencing, instructing, directing, ordering the selection of Manziel... But they admit that he's in the room, that he asks questions, that he states his opinion... And in any work place in the world, if the boss is asking questions, and stating his opinions, and hanging around to see how the sausage gets made - you better interpret and apply whatever messages come through in those questions and opinions, or you're not gonna be working for him very long. That's the way the world works."