Andy and Mike were joined by New York Giants Linebacker and Super Bowl Champ, Mark Herzlich this morning. Mark shared his incredible story of Cancer survival and also talks about the moment he received the news that nearly took his life.

Mark Herzlich: "I had this pain in my left leg for going on 6 months... We get down there and go to the Doctor's office and they put the MRI up on the board and put on the light and it pops up in our face, and my left leg was completely white... And the Doctor explained to me that the white parts in the image were a tumor. And that I had a large tumor in my left femur... A rare form of bone cancer... The Doctor then told me that if the Cancer spread, that I would have about a 10% chance of survival. And if we were lucky, it hadn't spread but I still would never be able to play Football again. That I would never be able to run. That if I was lucky and the surgery went well, that I would be able to walk with a limp. And I was at the time, a projected Top 10 draft pick. Ready to go to the NFL. All the dreams I had as a little kid playing Football in backyard were about to come true, and now they're all ripped away."