The new Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Coordinator tells Daybreak what to expect from his newly paid Quarterback and the Offense this season.

Hue Jackson: "I think (Jay Gruden) did a tremendous job here with this offense. It went from 21st to 10th... My goal is to just keep pushing it even further. I've always said we've gotta run the football and we do. And we've got to run the ball more efficiently and effectively than we did a year ago, to take some of the sting off of Andy (Dalton)... But first thing everybody's gonna say is, he just got paid this tremendous contract. And you pay a guy because he's able to help you win and he's able to help you win games - that's his job. So we're not gonna be shy about throwing the ball, that's for sure. And we're not gonna be shy about running it, but hopefully we'll play a little bit more efficiently as we move forward."


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