Andy and Mike caught up with Golfweek's Senior Writer, David Dusek who was Live at The Cadillac Championship at Doral. David talked about what to expect this weekend and also shared his concerns over Tiger Woods as the Tournament continues.

David Dusek: "We know Tiger can handle pain, the guy won the U.S. Open on 1 leg... So that is not my concern here. It's the inability of him to twist and to make the golf swings that when he's healthy, he is capable of making. We don't know because he would probably never tell us fully and outright, 'This is exactly what I can do, this is what I can't do. These are my limitations'... What really cost him yesterday - 20 putt's over 10 holes and he didn't make anything over 3 feet... Against an elite field of guys like this, that's not gonna get it done."