Andy and Mike caught up with FOX Sports 1 Senior NFL Reporter, Alex Marvez this morning. Marvez was live at the Senior Bowl and says Alabama Quarterback, A.J. McCarron's decision not to participate has rubbed some people the wrong way.

Alex Marvez: "From what I've been told, A.J. McCarron is not doing the Senior Bowl. I don't even know if he throws at the Combine... And one of those reasons is, if you're a top 20 pick - you act like a top 20 pick. That's that whole theory... But there are a lot of people in Mobile, Alabama who are really upset that A.J. McCarron wouldn't play in a game in his home town, wouldn't go ahead and compete... This is a game he went to as a kid. He's a big deal in Mobile... And instead he goes ahead and snubs and decides he's gonna go ahead and concentrate on his other Football work. I guess that's great but to me it sends up a whole bunch of red flags about, why doesn't this kid want to compete at this event? Why doesn't he want to show off his arm?"