Andy and Mike talked with Hoops Critic NBA Insider, Brian Geltzeiler this morning. Brian talked about Donald Sterling's lifetime ban from the NBA but says, overall, the league has been great in regards to issues of racism.

Brian Geltzeiler: "I don't have a problem with the lifetime ban because of what the NBA has been from a diversity standpoint for years... Frankly, the NBA never needed a "Rooney Rule". It doesn't matter if you're White, Black, Blue, Green, or Purple - if you can coach a basketball team well, you're gonna coach a basketball team. That's just the way it goes... So from the NBA standpoint, diversity's been something that the NBA conquered a long time ago. This takes the NBA back, so I understand the lifetime ban... By the same token, the die has been cast now and everybody has gotta be held to the same standard that Sterling's being held to."