Andy and Mike talked with Hoops Critic and Sirius XM NBA Insider, Brian Geltzeiler this morning. Brian talked NBA Playoffs and also says that as Donald Sterling prepares for his legal battle with the NBA, he may regret a move he made in recent weeks.

Brian Geltzeiler: "Donald Sterling, in terms of being forced to sell the team, had an extremely strong legal case that he's done a lot to compromise with going on with Anderson Cooper on CNN... That Anderson Cooper interview is gonna be a smoking gun for the league, that from a legal standpoint is gonna hurt Sterling badly... If he never does that interview, he has a major, major legal case against the NBA in this forced sale... The fact that he went on Anderson Cooper - he disparaged Magic Johnson and he apologized... The worst thing he could have done was apologize! And Sterling, by saying he was sorry on TV, is gonna end up crushing the legal case that he had."