Andy and Mike talked with FOX Sports 1's Senior NFL Reporter Alex Marvez this morning. Alex talked about Colts Owner, Jime Irsay's first public appearance Monday since being busted in March on DWI and 4 other felony charges.

Alex Marvez: "Do you guys get a little bit squeamish seeing Jim Irsay yucking it up with the media?... I know he's helping to get the Indianapolis Super Bowl bid but to me, that would be a turn-off... You know, I hope though that he does get a long suspension but we have to let this process take it's course... And I would rather do this. First, you have to let the court process play out of it... What are they gonna charge him with? It's gonna be part of this, I'm telling you that's how the NFL works."

Mike North: "You'd be out of a job if you got caught with that. You'd be done..."

Alex Marvez: "Well, unless you're the 49ers."