Andy and Mike talked with FOX Sports 1 Senior NFL Reporter, Alex Marvez this morning. Alex talked about the latest rumors in the NFL Draft, and how the Dolphins are an example of how drafting for need can hurt you.

Alex Marvez: "You draft for need if it's a player within a relatively close draft grade of another player... The last thing you wanna do is reach because you feel have a need that you have to get filled. I'll give you an example - the Miami Dolphins in 2003 in the 2nd round, they panicked. They thought 'We have to have a Linebacker now, because there's no other good graded Linebackers'. So they pass on a player who had a little bit better grade. That was Anquan Boldin... And they end up with Eddie Moore. Eddie Moore is a footnote in Dolphins history, Anquan Boldin is still dominating to this day."