The FOX Sports 1 Senior NFL Reporter, says Tony Dungy's comments about Michael Sam are hypocritical.

Alex Marvez: "There's one former Head Coach in the NFL who thinks that Tony Dungy is an absolute hypocrite... It was an off the record conversation but I will tell you, I spent 35 minutes talking about Tony Dungy with this guy. I think (Tony Dungy) is portrayed as 'Saint Tony'. And as this moral conscience voice of the NFL... He has some pretty radical views or maybe some people would say 'his views'. But when it came to a gay player on his team and I think that's what it comes down to, I don't think it's distraction. Remember, this is the guy supporting Michael Vick when he came out of prison! His comments are blowing up on him and it is painting a different image than what a lot of folks have about Tony Dungy."


Photo: Getty Images